Rotimi Obeisun Investment Limited is a diversified and fully integrated conglomerate with strong operations in Nigeria across a wide range of sectors including chemicals, oil and gas, agriculture, hospitality and telecommunication. Our core business focus is to provide local, value-added products and services that satisfy the needs of the populace through the construction and operation of manufacturing facilities in Nigeria. We are focused on building local manufacturing capacity to generate employment, reduce capital flight and increase local value addition.

Rotimi Obeisun Investment Limited strategy has evolved as its businesses have grown, matured, and diversified into new sectors over the last three decades. Starting out as a bulk chemical trading company in the 1980’s (encouraged by the liberalized commodity import regime of the then Government of Nigeria), the group is now actively building manufacturing sites in order to curb importation, reduce reliance on foreign currency and also reduce overall cost to the consumers. The group is also actively expanding into various sectors of the Nigerian Economy in line with the Government’s privatization policies.

The Group invests aggressively in its logistics and procurement which enable us to assemble strong distribution capabilities. We have built a strong foundation and business network, which give us a stronghold to leverage situations to our benefit. Our strategy, moving forward, will be to continue on this path, being opportunistic and open to new ideas while building on tried and tested partnerships, processes and ideas.