At Rotimi Obeisun Investment Limited, we have a distinctive set of values which drive the way we do business. These values define the way we think, do business and act in getting to our vision. Our Purpose is to invest in, partner with and add value to market-leading companies and projects globally.

We are driven by our vision of being the largest and most profitable conglomerate globally. Our core values define the way we think, do business, work and act in getting to our vision. They are:

  • Serving: We believe that serving our partners & colleagues is the key to ensuring the long-term growth of our organisation.
  • Respect: We respect, value and love those we work with and the contribution that they make.
  • Stewardship: We believe in good stewardship and in leaving things better than we found them. We believe in planning, taking responsibility and being disciplined.
  • Visionary: We believe in having a clear picture of the desired future and in communicating that vision.
  • Entrepreneurial: We believe in boldly taking risks and diligently driving new innovative ways of doing business with our partners.
  • Passion: We believe that passion drives success and that having passion in our work is important.
  • Integrity: We act justly and openly in all we do.